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88th lecture of Tsinghua Information Forum

On July, 9, 2012, the 88th Tsinghua Information Forum is held in room B311 of institute of microelectronics. Professor Cary Yang gives a talk on High-frequency Characteristics of 1-D Nanostructures.
    A method to extract compact circuit models for one-dimensional nanostructures from measured high-frequency characteristics is described. Professor Yang demonstrates that a frequency-independent parallel RC circuit is the simplest model that accurately describes high-frequency electrical conduction in carbon nanofibers. The model is further justified by examining the relationship between S- and Y-parameters of the test network. This work is very important for the future interconnects in ICs. The talk is hosted by professor Tianling Ren, and attracts about 30 students including five visiting students from University of California at Riverside.
    Cary Yang received the B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees in electrical engineering from the University of Pennsylvania. He spent a year at M.I.T. as a postdoctoral fellow working on electronic properties of chemisorbed molecules on heavy transition metal surfaces. He continued his research on surface and interface science at NASA Ames Research Center and Stanford, before founding Surface Analytic Research, a Silicon Valley company focusing on sponsored research projects covering various applications of surfaces and nanostructures. He joined Santa Clara University in 1983 and is currently Professor of Electrical Engineering and Founding Director of TENT Lab. At Santa Clara, he served as Chair of Electrical Engineering, Associate Dean, and Founding Director of Center for Nanostructures. His research spans from silicon-based nanoelectronics to nanostructure interfaces in electronic, biological, energy-storage systems. He is a Fellow of IEEE, former editor of IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices, past president of IEEE Electron Devices Society, and past elected member of the IEEE Board of Directors. In 2005, he received the IEEE Electron Devices Society Distinguished Service Award. He currently holds the Bao Yugang Chair Professorship at Zhejiang University.

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