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107th lecture of Tsinghua Information Forum

     Tsinghua Information Forum-107 was held on June 7th  2013 at FIT1-415. Professor Ren Ping Liu is a principal scientist of networking technology in the CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization), Australia.
   In this talk, Dr. Liu firstly gives a brief introduction of OSIRO and their major projects in the wireless network area. Then, he gives a talk on How to writing for Journal publication. He points out the purpose of publishing and digs into the essential aspects of technical writing. These include how to organize the work into publication, where to start with the writing, the basic structure of a good paper, and what to write in each component of a journal paper. Besides, Dr. Liu also presents some tips on what to do and what to avoid in technical writing. The practical journal paper submission, revision, and publishing experiences are shared with all of audiences.
   His research interests are Markov chain modeling, QoS scheduling, and security analysis of communication networks. He has over 70 research publications in major journals and conferences, including IEEE Transactions and flagship conferences. Dr. Liu served as co-chair for SenSys2007, ISCIT2012, ICUWB2013; as TPC for IEEE PIMRC2011,12,13, WCNC2010, ISCIT2010,11,12,13. He has also been heavily involved in and led commercial projects ranging from QoS design, TCP/IP inter-networking, security, wireless networking, to next generation network architectures.


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